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Uploading a full text document to CRO

To upload a full text of your publication, log in to your publications profile.

Open Access

Publications in CRO are openly accessible to anyone with internet connection (some of these publications are available on request only for a specified time period due to the publishers' copyright restrictions). There are many benefits to open access but it is also a requirement for certain publications in order for those publications to qualify for the REF2021.

REF2021 and CRO

UKRI (formerly HEFCE) developed an open access policy which applies to journal articles and conference proceedings accepted for publication after 1st April 2016 and which are submitted to the REF2021. You can read the summary of the policy and the key points to ensure your research is eligible for the REF2021.

Research publications versions

Research publications can be made openly accessible by uploading their accepted manuscripts to CRO. The definition of an accepted manuscript and other milestone versions relating to research publications can be found in the versions toolkit.