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Integrability and the AdS(3)/CFT2 correspondence

Babichenko, A., Stefanski, B. & Zarembo, K. (2010). Integrability and the AdS(3)/CFT2 correspondence. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2010(3), doi: 10.1007/JHEP03(2010)058


We investigate the AdS 3/CFT 2 correspondence for theories with 16 supercharges using the integrability approach. We construct Green-Schwarz actions for Type IIB strings on AdS 3 × S 3× M 4 where M 4 = T 4 or S 3 × S 1 using the coset approach. These actions are based on a Z4 automorphism of the super-coset D(2, 1; α) × D(2, 1; α)/SO(1, 2) × SO(3)×SO(3). The equations of motion admit a representation in terms of a Lax connection, showing that the system is classically integrable. We present the finite gap equations for these actions. When α = 0, 1/2, 1 we propose a set of quantum Bethe equations valid at all values of the coupling. The AdS 3/CFT 2 duals contain novel massless modes whose role remains to be explored.

Publication Type: Article
Publisher Keywords: AdS-CFT Correspondence, Integrable Equations in Physics, Bethe Ansatz, Sigma Models, ADS(5) X S-5, SL(2,R) WZW MODEL, ALGEBRAIC CURVE, STRING THEORY, SIGMA-MODEL, BRANE INTERSECTIONS, SUPERSTRING ACTION, BETHE-ANSATZ, PP-WAVE, LIMIT
Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
Departments: School of Science & Technology > Mathematics
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