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Minority language television - social, political and cultural implications

Magnussen, B. (1995). Minority language television - social, political and cultural implications. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


This thesis explores the subject of minority language television by comparing
the cases of Wales and Brittany, and in particular the social, political and cultural
implications of the Welsh language television channel S4C.
The thesis is divided up into two interrelated parts, where the first part is an
analysis on state level of French and British media policy, particularly with regards
to their linguistic minorities. This part of the thesis deals with the historical, political
and institutional background for the provision of minority language media in Breton
and Welsh. It takes as points of reference firstly the state, and secondly the
minorities in question - the Breton and the Welsh - and shows how a certain policy
area in this case broadcasting, can become a focus for minority demands. The thesis
describes the historical and political background for the extreme difference in
provisions for minority language broadcasting in the two countries.
The second part of the thesis takes as a starting point the actual existence of
S4C - the Welsh language channel - as a minority language broadcaster, and
assesses the social political and cultural implications of this organisation. This part
of the thesis examines the minority level, and assesses the potential impact of Welsh
language broadcasting, mainly television, on Welsh society in general and the Welsh
language in particular.

Publication Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Subjects: H Social Sciences
Departments: School of Arts & Social Sciences
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