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Pallari, C. T., Achilleos, S., Quattrocchi, A. , Gabel, J., Critselis, E., Athanasiadou, M., Rahmanian Haghighi, M. R., Papatheodorou, S., Liu, T., Artemiou, A., Rodriguez-Llanes, J. M., Bennett, C. M., Zimmermann, C., Schernhammer, E., Bustos Sierra, N., Ekelson, R., Lobato, J., Macedo, L., Mortensen, L. H., Critchley, J., Goldsmith, L. ORCID: 0000-0002-6934-1925, Denissov, G., Le Meur, N., Kandelaki, L., Athanasakis, K., Binyaminy, B., Maor, T., Stracci, F., Ambrosio, G., Davletov, K., Glushkova, N., Martial, C., Chan Sun, M., Hagen, T. P., Chong, M., Barron, M., Łyszczarz, B., Erzen, I., Arcos Gonzalez, P., Burström, B., Pidmurniak, N., Verstiuk, O., Huang, Q., Polemitis, A., Charalambous, A. & Demetriou, C. A. (2024). Magnitude and determinants of excess total, age-specific and sex-specific all-cause mortality in 24 countries worldwide during 2020 and 2021: results on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from the C-MOR project. BMJ Global Health, 9(4), article number e013018. doi: 10.1136/bmjgh-2023-013018

Demetriou, C. A., Achilleos, S., Quattrocchi, A. , Gabel, J., Critselis, E., Constantinou, C., Nicolaou, N., Ambrosio, G., Bennett, C. M., Le Meur, N., Critchley, J. A., Mortensen, L. H., Rodriguez-Llanes, J. M., Chong, M., Denissov, G., Klepac, P., Goldsmith, L. ORCID: 0000-0002-6934-1925, Costa, A. J. L., Hagen, T. P., Sun, M. C., Huang, Q., Pidmurniak, N., Zucker, I., Cuthbertson, J., Burstrom, B., Barron, M., Erzen, I., Stracci, F., Calmon, W., Martial, C., Verstiuk, O., Kaufman, Z., Tao, W., Kereselidze, M., Chikhladze, N., Polemitis, A. & Charalambous, A. (2022). Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on total, sex- and age-specific all-cause mortality in 20 countries worldwide during 2020: results from the C-MOR project. International Journal of Epidemiology, 52(3), pp. 664-676. doi: 10.1093/ije/dyac170

Ugarte, M. P., Achilleos, S., Quattrocchi, A. , Gabel, J., Kolokotroni, O., Constantinou, C., Nicolaou, N., Rodriguez-Llanes, J. M., Huang, Q., Verstiuk, O., Pidmurniak, N., Tao, J. W., Burstrom, B., Klepac, P., Erzen, I., Chong, M., Barron, M., Hagen, T. P., Kalmatayeva, Z., Davletov, K., Zucker, I., Kaufman, Z., Kereselidze, M., Kandelaki, L., Le Meur, N., Goldsmith, L. ORCID: 0000-0002-6934-1925, Critchley, J. A., Pinilla, M. A., Jaramillo, G. I., Teixeira, D., Gomez, L. F., Lobato, J., Araujo, C., Cuthbertson, J., Bennett, C. M., Polemitis, A., Charalambous, A. & Demetriou, C. A. (2022). Premature mortality attributable to COVID-19: potential years of life lost in 17 countries around the world, January-August 2020. BMC Public Health, 22(1), article number 54. doi: 10.1186/s12889-021-12377-1

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