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Arauner, A.H. (1996). The impact of international cross-listing on the cost of capital. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Askin, C. (1996). Early Recorded Violinists. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Ayerman, Farah (1996). A Synthetic Approach to Antiprogestational Steroids. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City, University of London)


Bertolino, A. and Strigini, L. (1996). On the use of testability measures for dependability assessment. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 22(2), pp. 97-108. doi: 10.1109/32.485220

Bunning, K. (1996). Development of an 'individualised sensory environment' for adults with learning disabilities and an evaluation of its effects on their interactive behaviours. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Calado, J.M.F. (1996). On-line fault diagnosis of industrial processes based on artificial intelligence techniques. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Chadburn, R. G. (1996). Use of parametric risk measure in assessing risk based capital and insolvency constraints for with profits life insurance (Actuarial Research Paper No. 83). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Chan, W.Y. (1996). A coupled rotor-fuselage aeroelastic analysis using complex rotor modes. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Daniels, P.G. and Weinstein, M. (1996). On finite-amplitude patterns of convection in a rectangular-planform container. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 317, pp. 111-127.


Evans, F.M. (1996). Aural image and the language of electroacoustic music. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Finkelstein, A. ORCID: 0000-0003-2167-9844 (1996). Improving public understanding of software engineering. IEEE Software,

Fring, A. (1996). Braid Relations in Affine Toda Field Theory. International Journal of Modern Physics A (ijmpa), 11, pp. 1337-1352.

Fring, A., Kostrykin, V. and Schrader, R. (1996). On the absence of bound-state stabilization through short ultra-intense fields. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 29, p. 5651. doi: 10.1088/0953-4075/29/23/011


Garel, T., Iori, G. and Orland, H. (1996). Variational study of the random-field XY model. Physical Review B, 53(6), doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.53.R2941


Haberman, S. (1996). Landmarks in the history of actuarial science (up to 1919) (Actuarial Research Paper No. 84). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Huber, P.P. (1996). A study of the fundamentals of actuarial economic models. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Jeyarupalingam, N. (1996). Steel, steel/concrete composite and reinforced concrete beams and columns exposed to fire. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Kattami, C. (1996). Development of a construction methodology of goal directed, optimal complexity, flexible and task oriented (GOFT) training materials for novice computer users: application and evaluation in adults with mental health problems. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Keeble, R. (1996). The Gulf War myth: a study of the press coverage of the 1991 Gulf conflict. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Kham, A.Z. (1996). Frequency estimation of pre-stressed and composite floors. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Khorasanee, M. Z. (1996). Annuity choices for pensioners (Actuarial Research Paper No. 90). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Kimambo, C. (1996). Modelling of linebreak in high-pressure gas pipes. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Kruisbrink, AC.H. (1996). The dynamic behaviour of check valves in pipeline systems. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Littlewood, B. (1996). Evaluation of software dependability. In: Wand, I. C. and Milner, R. (Eds.), Computing Tomorrow: Future Research Directions in Computer Science. (pp. 198-216). New York, USA: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521460859

Littlewood, B. (1996). The impact of diversity upon common mode failures. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 51(1), pp. 101-113. doi: 10.1016/0951-8320(95)00120-4

Littlewood, B. and Wright, D. (1996). Reliability prediction of a software product using testing data from other products or execution environment (10). Brussels: DeVa Project.

Littlewood, B. and Wright, D. (1996). Some conservative stopping rules for the operational testing of saftey-critical software (33). Brussels: DeVa ESPRIT Long Term Research Project.

Longstaff, J.S. (1996). Cognitive Structures of Kinesthetic Space Reevaluating Rudolf Laban's Choreutics In the Context of Spatial Cognition and Motor Control. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


MacFarlane, A., McCann, J. A. and Liddell, H. (1996). A Common Data Model for Meta-Data in Interoperable Environments. Paper presented at the 2nd international Baltic conference on IS and DB, 12-06-1996 - 14-06-1996, Tallinn, Estonia.

Marris, C. and Langford, I. (1996). No cause for alarm Claire Morris and Ion Longford. New Scientist, 151(2049),

Marris, C., Langford, I.H. and Riordan, T.O. (1996). Integrating sociological and psychological approaches to public perceptions of environmental risks: detailed results from a questionnaire survey (CSERGE Working Paper GEC 96-07). University of East Anglia, ISSN 0967-8875.

Murley, D. N. (1996). An ontological and epistemological paradigm for clinical decision support. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Nooshin, L. (1996). The Processes of Creation and Recreation in Persian Classical Music. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths' College)


O'Connor, R.B. (1996). The applicability of statistical techniques to credit portfolios with specific reference to the use of risk theory in banking. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)


Pace, I. (1996). The Panorama of Michael Finnissy (I). Tempo (London, 1939): a quarterly review of modern music(196), pp. 25-35.

Pace, I. (1996). Repertoire Guide: Richard Barrett. Classical Music, p. 29.

Papadopoulos, M. (1996). Motion in music: a study of movement and time through musical interpretation. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London)

Paterson, AM (1996). An investigation of a remote visual navigation system for a building inspection robot. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University)


Robinson, L. (1996). Internet – myth and reality. Paper presented at the ASLIB Conference: Translating and the Computer 18, 14th -15th November 1996, London.


Spanoudakis, G. ORCID: 0000-0002-0037-2600, Finkelstein, A. ORCID: 0000-0003-2167-9844 and Ryan, M. (1996). Software Package Requirements and Procurement. Paper presented at the 8th International Workshop on Software Specification and Design, 22-23 Mar 1996, Schloss Velen, Germany.

Strigini, L. (1996). Engineering judgement in reliability and safety and its limits: what can we learn from research in psychology?. .

Strigini, L. and Bertolino, A. (1996). Acceptance Criteria for Critical Software Based on Testability Estimates and Test Results. In: Lecture notes in computer science. (pp. 83-94). Springer.

Strigini, L. and Fenton, N. (1996). Rigorously assessing software reliability and safety. European Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP(377), pp. 193-198. ISSN 0379-6566

Stychin, C. (1996). From Marginalized Discourses to Tender Embraces: Building a New Freedom of Expression Jurisprudence in South Africa. Constitutional Forum, 8(1), pp. 1-4.


Tanda, G. (1996). Application of optical methods to the study of convective heat transfer in rib-roughened channels. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, The City University of London)


Verrall, R. J. (1996). A unified framework for graduation (Actuarial Research Paper No. 91). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

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