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Barh, A., Varshney, R. K., Pal, B. P. , Agrawal, G. P. & Rahman, B. M. (2016). Design of a Polymer-Based Hollow-Core Bandgap Fiber for Low-Loss Terahertz Transmission. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 28(15), pp. 1703-1706. doi: 10.1109/lpt.2016.2544198

Barh, A., Pal, B. P., Agrawal, G. P. , Varshney, R. K. & Rahman, B. M. (2016). Specialty Fibers for Terahertz Generation and Transmission: A Review. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 22(2), pp. 365-379. doi: 10.1109/jstqe.2015.2494537

Karim, M. R., Rahman, B. M., Azabi, Y. O. , Agrawal, A. & Agrawal, G. P. (2015). Ultra-broadband mid-infrared supercontinuum generation through dispersion engineering of chalcogenide microstructured fibers. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 32(11), pp. 2343-2351. doi: 10.1364/josab.32.002343

Barh, A., Varshney, R. K., Agrawal, G. P. , Rahman, B. M. & Pal, B. P. (2015). Plastic fiber design for THz generation through wavelength translation. Optics Letters, 40(9), pp. 2107-2110. doi: 10.1364/ol.40.002107

Karim, M. R., Rahman, B. M. & Agrawal, G. P. (2015). Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation using dispersion-engineered Ge11.5As24Se64.5 chalcogenide channel waveguide. Optics Express, 23(5), pp. 6903-6914. doi: 10.1364/oe.23.006903

Karim, M.R, Rahman, B. M. & Agrawal, G. P. (2014). Dispersion engineered Ge11.5As24Se64.5 nanowire for supercontinuum generation: A parametric study. Optics Express, 22(25), pp. 31029-31040. doi: 10.1364/oe.22.031029

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