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Gultutan, D. A. (2024). “Appear as you are or be as you appear”: Sound advice to arbitrators considering independence and impartiality disclosures? A comparative analysis advocating for uniformity and addressing participants’ legitimate expectations. International Trade Law and Regulation,

Gultutan, D. A. (2023). Confidentiality of arbitrations under English law: sufficiently sacrosanct to warrant legislative shielding? A critical analysis from a Rumian perspective. International Trade Law and Regulation, 29(1), pp. 5-26.

Gultutan, D. A. & Karakoc, M. (2020). Concurrent delay and COVID-19 - the amalgamation of two thorny issues: navigational tips from a legal and expert perspective. Construction Law Journal, 36(5),

Gultutan, D. A. (2015). The concepts of 'without prejudice' and 'confidentiality' under Turkish and English law. Banka ve Ticaret Hukuku Dergisi (Banking and Commercial Law Journal),

Gultutan, D. A. (2015). Review and Analysis of Interim Measures Available to Foreign Arbitrators in Turkey. McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution,

Gultutan, D. A. (2015). The common law pre-contractual duty of disclosure and the test of materiality: Carter to Pan Atlantic - A factual analysis. Insurance Law Journal, pp. 168-180.


Gultutan, D. (2021). Moral Damages Under International Investment Law The Path Towards Convergence. Netherlands: Kluwer Law International.

Book Section

Gultutan, D. A. (2018). Moral Damages and Arbitral Jurisdiction in International Investment Arbitration. In: Rebalancing International Investment Agreements in Favour of Host States. . Wildy, Simmonds & Hil.

Aygul, M. & Gultutan, D. A. (2014). Arbitration Procedure. In: Esin, I. & Yesilirmak, A. (Eds.), Arbitration in Turkey. . Kluwer Law International.

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