A search for AdS(5) X S-2 IIB supergravity solutions dual to N=2 SCFTs

Colgain, E. O. & Stefanski, B. (2011). A search for AdS(5) X S-2 IIB supergravity solutions dual to N=2 SCFTs. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2011, p. 61. doi: 10.1007/JHEP10(2011)061

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We present a systematic search for Type IIB supergravity solutions whose spacetimes include AdS 5 and S 2 factors, which would be candidate duals to N=2 four-dimensional Superconformal field theories. The candidate solutions encode the SU(2) R-symmetry geometrically on the S 2 and an additional Killing vector generates the U(1) R-symmetry. By analysing the Killing spinor equations we show that no such solutions exist. This suggests that if Type IIB backgrounds dual to N=2 SCFTs exist, the SU(2) R-symmetry is realised non-geometrically. Finally, we also show that, in the context of both N=1 and N=2 Type IIB backgrounds with an AdS 5 factor, the only candidate U(1) R-symmetry Killing vector directions are the ones that appear for generic values of the Killing spinors; no further Killing vectors exist for special values of the Killing spinors.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: AdS-CFT Correspondence; Supergravity Models
Subjects: Q Science > QA Mathematics
Divisions: School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences > Department of Mathematical Science
URI: http://openaccess.city.ac.uk/id/eprint/12539

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