Labour law: the medium and the message

Mangan, D. (2018). Labour law: the medium and the message. Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, 100,

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From the contract of employment to the ‘gig economy’, attention has been fixed on the medium through which personal work relationships have been facilitated. The medium and message in labour law are explored here using the example of the United Kingdom. Fragmentation of and the associated decline in trade unions (the most evident medium in labour law) have been noticeable. Labour law’s preoccupation with the medium warrants further consideration with regards to the ‘gig economy’. ‘Gig’ work does not warrant ‘game changer’ standing because it is a continuation of the long-standing issue of employment status. Still, innovations in information technology prompt further reflection, such as the lure of app-based work. Conversely, algorithms as a tool of workplace management may be themselves ‘game changers’. Appealing to the notion of ‘scientific management’, algorithms ostensibly promise an objective means through which to measure workplace performance.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Published by Kluwer, 2018. Title in series: Mangan, D. (2018) ‘Labour Law: The Medium and the Message’ in F. Hendrickx (ed) Game Changers in Labour Law: Shaping the Future of Work (Wolters Kluwer, 2018)
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