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Ajour, M. N., Dissado, L. A., Fothergill, J. & Norman, P. N. (2002). Dielectric spectroscopy of epoxy/glass composite materials. Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), Annual Report, pp. 438-441. doi: 10.1109/CEIDP.2002.1048828


Ballotta, L. & Haberman, S. (2002). Valuation of guaranteed annuity conversion options (Report No. Actuarial Research Paper No. 141). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Barling, D., Lang, T. & Caraher, M. (2002). Joined-up food policy? The trials of governance, public policy and the food system. Social Policy & Administration, 36(6), pp. 556-574. doi: 10.1111/1467-9515.t01-1-00304

Bishop, P. G. (2002). Estimating Residual Faults from Code Coverage. Paper presented at the SAFECOMP 2002, 10 - 13 Sept 2002, Catania, Italy.

Bishop, P. G. & Bloomfield, R. E. (2002). Worst Case Reliability Prediction Based on a Prior Estimate of Residual Defects. In: Software Reliability Engineering, 2002. ISSRE 2003. Proceedings. 13th International Symposium on. (pp. 295-303). IEEE.

Bloomfield, R. E., Courtois, P.-J., Littlewood, B., Strigini, L., Yih, S. & Fan, C.-F. (2002). Search for the Unnecessary: Letter to the Editor. Nuclear Engineering International, 47(570), p. 11.

Butt, Z. & Haberman, S. (2002). Application of frality-based mortality models to insurance data (Report No. Actuarial Research Paper No. 142). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.


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Chuang, J., Miyachi, H. & Tan, K. M. (2002). Row and column removal in the q-deformed Fock space. Journal of Algebra, 254(1), pp. 84-91. doi: 10.1016/S0021-8693(02)00062-5

Cooper, E. S., Fothergill, J. & Dissado, L. A. (2002). Application of polymer ageing models to power cables. Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), Annual Report, pp. 392-395.

Cottrell, S.J. (2002). Music as Capital: Deputising Among London’s Freelance Musicians. British Journal of Ethnomusicology, 11(2), pp. 61-80.


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Denis, A. (2002). Was Hayek a Panglossian evolutionary theorist? A reply to Whitman. Constitutional Political Economy, 13(3), pp. 275-285. doi: 10.1023/A:1016173117330

Douglas, R. H., Collin, S. P. & Corrigan, J. (2002). The eyes of suckermouth armoured catfish (Loricariidae, subfamily Hypostomus): pupil response, lenticular longitudinal spherical aberration and retinal topography. The Journal of Experimental Biology (JEB), 205(22), pp. 3425-3433.

Dykes, J. & Mountain, D. (2002). What I did on my vacation: spatio-temporal log analysis with interactive graphics and morphometric surface derivative. Paper presented at the GIS Research UK 10th Annual Conference (GISRUK 2002), 3 - 5 Apr 2002, Sheffield, UK.


Feng, B., Franco, S., Hanany, A. & He, Y. (2002). Symmetries of toric duality. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002(76), doi: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/12/076

Feng, B., Hanany, A., He, Y. & Prezas, N. (2002). Stepwise projection: toward brane setups for generic orbifold singularities. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002(040), doi: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/01/040

Feng, B., He, Y. & Moeller, N. (2002). Zeeman spectroscopy of the star algebra. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002(041), doi: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/05/041

Feng, B., He, Y. & Moeller, N. (2002). The spectrum of the Neumann matrix with zero modes. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002(038), doi: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/04/038

Fring, A. (2002). Mutually local fields from form factors. International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMBP), 16(14-15), pp. 1915-1924. doi: 10.1142/S0217979202011639


Gacek, C., Lawrie, T. & Arief, B. (2002). Interdisciplinary insights on Open Source. Paper presented at the Open Source Software Development Workshop, 25 - 26 Feb 2002, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Goker, A.S. & Myrhaug, H.I. (2002). User context and personalisation. Paper presented at the 6th European Conference on Case Based Reasoning, 04 - 07 September 2002, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Griseri, V., Dissado, L. A., Fothergill, J., Teyssedre, G. & Laurent, C. (2002). Electroluminescence excitation mechanisms in an epoxy resin under divergent and uniform field. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 9(1), pp. 150-160. doi: 10.1109/94.983899


Hampton, J. A. (2002). Language's role in enabling abstract, logical thought. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 25(6), p. 688.

He, Y. (2002). On algebraic singularities, finite graphs and D-brane gauge theories: A String theoretic perspective (Report No. UPR-1011-T). Philadelphia, USA: The University of Pennsylvania.

Hunt, S., Clark, D. & Malacaria, P. (2002). Quantitative analysis of the leakage of confidential data. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 59(3), pp. 1-14. doi: 10.1016/S1571-0661(04)00290-7


Iosifidis, P. (2002). First the UK, now Greece: "NOVA", the First DTV Package. Intermedia, 30(5), pp. 21-24.


Jeffcutt, P. & Pratt, A.C. (2002). Managing creativity in the cultural industries. Creativity and Innovation Management, 11(4), pp. 225-233. doi: 10.1111/1467-8691.00254

Jones, A. (2002). The "global city" misconceived: the myth of "global management" in transnational service firms. Geoforum, 33(3), pp. 335-350. doi: 10.1016/S0016-7185(02)00010-6


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Komninos, N. & Honary, B. (2002). Novel methods for enabling public key schemes in future mobile systems. Paper presented at the 3rd IEE International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies, 8 - 10 May 2002, London.

Komninos, N. & Honary, B. (2002). Security enhancement for A5/1 without losing hardware efficiency in future mobile systems. Paper presented at the 3rd IEE International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies, 8 - 10 May 2002, London.


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Littlewood, B., Popov, P. T. & Strigini, L. (2002). Assessing the reliability of diverse fault-tolerant software-based systems. Safety Science, 40(9), pp. 781-796.


Mayhew, L. (2002). The neighbourhood health economy (Report No. Actuarial Research Paper No. 144). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Morgan, G. (2002). The encoding of simultaneity in children's British Sign Language narratives. Sign Language and Linguistics, 5(2), pp. 131-165. doi: 10.1075/sll.5.2.04mor

Morgan, G., Herman, R. & Woll, B. (2002). The development of complex verb constructions in British Sign Language. Journal of Child Language, 29(3), pp. 655-675. doi: 10.1017/S0305000902005184


Nelson, J. K., Fothergill, J., Dissado, L. A. & Peasgood, W. (2002). Towards an understanding of nanometric dielectrics. Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), Annual Report, pp. 295-298. ISSN 0084-9162


Ortega, J. & Rioux, L. (2002). Duration of contracts and unemployment compensation: A quantitative analysis of the dualism of the french labor market | Durée des contrats et indemnisation du chômage une analyse quantitative du dualisme du marché du travail français. Revue économique, 53(6), pp. 1273-1303.


Quiroz, N. & Stefanski, B. (2002). Dirichlet Branes on Orientifolds. Physical Review D (PRD), 66(026002), doi: 10.1103/PhysRevD.66.026002


Renshaw, A. E. & Haberman, S. (2002). Lee-Carter mortality forecasting, a parallel GLM approach, England & Wales mortality projections (Report No. Actuarial Research Paper No. 140). London, UK: Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance, City University London.

Robinson, L. & Bawden, D. (2002). Distance learning and LIS professional development. Aslib Proceedings, 54(1), pp. 48-55. doi: 10.1108/00012530210426284


Schuster, L. & Solomos, J. (2002). Rights and Wrongs across European Borders: Migrants, Minorities and Citizenship. Citizenship Studies ISSN online 1469-3593, 6(1), pp. 37-54. doi: 10.1080/13621020220118740

Seago, K. (2002). Constructing the Witch. In: I. M. Blayer & M. Sánchez (Eds.), Storytelling: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives. (pp. 72-85). Peter Lang Publishing. ISBN 9780820451251

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Strigini, L., Bosio, D., Littlewood, B. & Newby, M. J. (2002). Advantages of open source processes for reliability: clarifying the issues. Paper presented at the Workshop on Open Source Software Development, Feb 2002, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


Ward, A. J. W., Hoare, D. J., Couzin, I. D., Broom, M. & Krause, J. (2002). The effects of parasitism and body length on positioning within wild fish shoals. Journal Of Animal Ecology, 71(1), pp. 10-14. doi: 10.1046/j.0021-8790.2001.00571.x

Weyde, T. (2002). Integrating Segmentation and Similarity in Melodic Analysis. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition - ICMPC7, 17 - 21 Jul 2002, Sydney, Australia.

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